Property Related Disputes

Fraud has become an integrated part when it comes in relation to property. In India, there are serious challenges associated with it which is often overlooked by the innocent buyers / Sellers. The ignorance on the part of the investors, buyers, purchasers regarding property laws and property rights have made them succumb to property disputes and fraudulent dealings.
Property transactions are executed under written legal documents which require compulsory Registration. A slip stuck to this rule often leads to misunderstandings, different interpretations and then comes- litigation. The numerous cases filed in property matters shows that scrutiny and preparation of different legal property documents are major areas of impoverisation. Mostly, it is the failure on people’s part to take efforts for tracing the title of the disputed property leads to numbers of suit filed in courts.

Different kinds of disputes can be associated with property related dispute matters including: Bayana Dispute, boundary disputes, Dispute between Landlord-Tenant, agreement disputes, dispute over property rights amongst father / brother / sister, division of property disputes. Legal tips provided by us may help you in cutting legal costs associated with land use and property disputes.

Property Disputes We would give you an accurate assessment of your problem and help you solve your problems either through negotiations or through courts, whatever best is considered.